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Thread: Carved Crystal Mermaids and more

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    Carved Crystal Mermaids and more

    We are Crystalline Dimensions (Based on Facebook), a small crystal shop, which ships globally. We specialize in crystal carvings to help you connect with the Goddess and other aspects of Spirit including;Mermaids (in Ametrine, Lemurian Quartz, and Girasol), Venus Goddesses(in Fluorite, Lemurian Quartz, Snow Quartz, Rose Quartz, etc...) , Earth Mother Goddesses, Cosmic Goddesses, Dragons, Wizards, Animals, Rough Crystals, Sacred Tools and so much more. For forum members we are offering 10% off on non-discounted items. Just let us know at check-out. We look forward to working with you!

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    If your only interest on being on Mernetwork is to sell your products, then you're in the wrong place.

    This a place for like minded individuals who share a love of mermaids, mermaid swimming, tail making, monofin swimming, and other water related activities. If you do have a real interest in any of the above, then go and introduce yourself in the Introduction section of the forum.

    Other than that, go away. We don't want your kind here.
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