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Thread: First time mermaid

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    First time mermaid

    Hi! I just recently got my first tail (a mertailor black pearl tail sling with a black fantasea fin) and just wanted to meet other mers! I'm operating out of the greater Cincinnati area, so there aren't a lot of swimming options available right now, but fortunately my gym has a pool that hasn't said anything about me wearing the tail yet. For now I'm just having fun swimming laps in my tail, but when summer comes I'd like to go out to some lakes to swim, and was mostly hoping to meet some other mers to get some tips/possibly find someone to swim with if there are any other mers in my area.

    I decided on Stargazer as a name for my mersona after reading up on various species of fish, and I was particularly enamored with the whitemargin stargazer, which is a venomous fish that generates electricity using it's vocal muscles. I'm hoping some day to have enough money to commission a tail with stargazer markings, but until then I'm having fun with the tail I have.

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