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Thread: Merrows from Ireland area

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    Merrows from Ireland area

    So my mermaid is from the Ireland/Wales Area in honor of my mom, and Iíve been doing some research and all mirrors from that area are merrows. As such being a merrow, The research that Iíve done says that some kind of item is required in order for you to be able to change from legs to a tail. I would be interested in knowing what other merrows are using for their item. I just ordered a dolphin necklace off of Amazon with a blue crystal in it as well and that is going to be my item. I figure since I canít do a moon ring or anything like that due to copyright, and I want my mermaid to have some kind of moon stone this would be a way to accomplish that.

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    A Morgan would be an alternative in your area. Please note that this is a very dangerous one.


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