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    I have been working on my backstory, and would love to get some feedback on the latest update.

    My cousin wants to be a siren but we’re going to be friends like sisters. I’m going with the backstory that

    I was born at sea but was put on land because my mom (who I am going to call Linda after my own deceased mom as a tribute to her) had to go away and wasn’t sure how long she was going to be so she put me on land, at my current foster mom's house Fran(who was my foster mom in real life). Linda had asked Fran to keep the truth about my past a secret until she returned to take me back. Linda was a very powerful mermaid, and so she volunteered to go help the Arctic Pod fight against the evil siren named Larouna. Larouna was giving all merfolk a bad name and exposing our kind as she kept on going after ships and sinking entire ships just for fun. Larouna would also wreak havoc on port cities and harbors, causing devastating damage.

    Linda asked my cousin to keep an eye out on me make sure I was safe, and also cast a spell on me to ensure I wouldn’t turn into a mermaid or grow a tail, or remember where I was from, until she could return and remove the spell and explain what was going on and why I couldn’t remember being born at sea

    When I was 12 years old, I went exploring some sea caves in Ireland, since we were on vacation there, and stumbled across a magical pool inside this cave. The pool was in direct view of the full moon that night. My cousin, who was charged with watching over me, was waiting for me in this pool. This is when I first saw her tail. With red glowing eyes she kept telling me to come on into the water…. Everythings fine she said. So I decided to go for a swim in the water, not noticing that the water was kind of bubbling a bit.I start swimming in the pool, and my cousin says “look at your feet”. I turned around to look at my feet, but they aren’t there. Instead there is this beautiful, gorgeous pink and blue mermaid tail. I start freaking out, but my cousin says to relax. She tells me of where I was born at sea, and that all my memories of being in the sea should return shortly. I asked my cousin if I will always have my tail, and she tells me that merrows (mermaids who can switch back and forth from tail to legs with the use of an object) have the ability to go in and out of the water. She then hands me this necklace that she has been safeguarding for Linda (this is my item that allows me to switch back and forth between legs and a tail). I kept this a secret from my foster mom for a while eventually till I lost control of my mermaid powers, and Fran couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me so wanted to call in a doctor. Then she spotted the necklace around my neck, and I came clean to Fran and told her what had happened in Ireland in the sea cliffs, about my birth mother that I had found about from my cousin, and how I came to be on their front door all those years ago.

    I had become good friends with several people while on land, and one of them accidentally caught me growing a tail because I got wet and couldn’t get dry fast enough. This person was my best friend, and once she found out about my secret she was upset that I had lied to her for all this time. I asked her how I can make things up to her, and she said help her become a mermaid and all will be forgiven, so on the next full moon we planned another trip to Ireland. I showed her where things had happened and when full moon time came, we both entered the pool, and thus my best land-girl friend was now my best mermaid friend.

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    Larouna sounds like my kind of mermaid.
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