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Thread: Luna Monofin

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    Luna Monofin

    What tail skins are comparable with a luna

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    Personally I donít have experience with Lunaís and tail skins and unfortunately there arenít mass produced tail-skins for the Luna.

    I recommend that anything that fits the Mahina as it should be compatible. There is also used to be company (Aqua Tails) that made tails without the fluke. It was just a triangle at the bottom. It is possible to find one second hand or even modify a different fabric tail to do this.

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    Hereís an example of what I am talking about by triangle. I couldnít really find a good picture online so this a screenshot from one of the lovely Nerdmaid Faithís videos.

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    I find most skins are compatible with the Luna fin you can basically adjust any skin onto it from my experience.

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