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Thread: Are the mer community and furry community related?

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    Are the mer community and furry community related?

    So, I've been thinking a bit about this recently.

    The mer community involves people that have varying degrees of interest in merfolk, and will dress up as them, draw themselves as mers, and engage in other activities and discussions related to this.

    Furries similar have an interest in anthropomorphic animals, and some like to dress up as them, and many draw their own fursona.

    So I'm wondering y'all's thoughts on it. Is this community at least similar?

    While many do tail-swimming simply as a fun water sport, some of us do it as a means of escapism, because there's something about the idea of having a tail and being free underwater that fascinates us.

    Further, some of us, (I hope I'm not walking a line here) like in the furry community, report to experience species dysphoria, or the feeling that they are not entirely human.

    So I'm interested to here what everyone else thinks. In a way, a merperson is kind of an anthropomorphic animal. Are we technically furries? Or rather, scalies?

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    I know alot of people who are furries and mers, so I have been wondering this same thing myself.

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    i wouldn't say related, but i would say they're similar; but only in the way that all the alternative communities are. mer, furry, vampire, fae, anime, weeaboo, they're all communities with similarities but not necessarily related.
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    I've been around 11 years and I'd say for the most part they are different and don't cross over. But that being said, there are always individuals who enjoy both and of course there are similar aspects. Some people get offended when mermaiding it called furry or cosplay. I don't know why lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    I've been around 11 years and I'd say for the most part they are different and don't cross over. But that being said, there are always individuals who enjoy both and of course there are similar aspects. Some people get offended when mermaiding it called furry or cosplay. I don't know why lol.
    It's probably because of the stigma surrounding furries and fursuits. Also, a lot of people are used to the idea of people wearing mermaid costumes, but not fursuits.

    Unfortunately for us merboys, that means that we also fall outside the realm of familiarity.

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    I think it depends on the individual in either the mer community or furry community. Like you said, people have varying degrees of interest, and there are people who will take things to the extreme side of the spectrum into “alien territory”. Overall, this website’s population has a feel for enjoying swimming, caring for the environment and ocean conservation, performing in costume to entertain children and families, connecting with the Mermaid as a symbolic meaning and representation of who they are in real life (Trans community), and connecting with their inner child’s imagination because they’re never too old to dress up, and they can escape from reality for a bit (another form of escapism from reality would be playing video games, for example). All of that is perfectly fine and normal by a lot of people’s standards.

    However, some people, who may not even be registered on MerNetwork, will have more magical, otherworldly thoughts. I’d say that individuals in the mer community and furry community start to look more and more similar to one another when they breach Otherkin territory. This is species dysphoria where people believe they’re not fully human or believe they have the soul of an animal or mythical being. They may report having past life experiences as an extraterrestrial or dragon or feel phantom sensations of robot armor clinking as they move around if they think they’re a robot. These individuals have their own community, the Otherkin community. The Otherkin furries would be more like werewolves or other animals. There aren’t many self-identified merpeople in the Otherkin community; they kind of have their own community, but they’re very similar to each other at this point. You’ll notice a lot of pre-teens and teenagers playing around with that and dabbling into witchcraft like mermaid spells, meditation, and shape shifting. The shape shifting technique was borrowed from the werewolf community and adapted to suit mermaids. If you look up “mermaid shifting”, you’ll see all sorts of websites created by young girls that address this so-called technique to literally become half-fish. You’ll also learn about Kissing Midnight, a witchy young girl who introduced all this, and you might find mentions of a forum website, that no longer exists, called that was created by a witchy girl whose mermaid name was Iridessa. She is the same age as me now, 24. I used to follow her on Instagram, and I was a member of that site as a teen. That website was full of young girls (and the rare guy) who thought they had past life connections to Lemuria or Atlantis or Telos, and they made pods that communicated with each other on Facebook, the Kik app, or their own pod website.

    I had a huge imagination as a teen and dabbled into all sorts of things, so of course I know about all this. I didn’t call myself an Otherkin, but I was definitely asking some far out questions as a teenager who was trying to discover her identity. I’ve outgrown this teen phase and have my head firmly planted in reality. Even so, I’m still a spiritually-minded person. I’ve become a member of this more grounded site because I have an unusual amount of dreams where I’m a mermaid, there being mermaids apart from me, or about the water element. I guess the mermaid thing somehow stuck. I remember first trying out mermaid spells as an 11 or 12-year-old before I discovered shifting and, so this mythological being had always been in my life. I don’t dream about being a mermaid every night, but these dreams are sort of frequent. These dreams just happen while I live my day-to-day life, so it’s not like I’m constantly thinking about and obsessing over mermaids. I actually drifted away from mermaid stuff for several years. When I drifted away from witchcraft and mermaids during that time, in the beginning random strangers would compliment me, saying I looked like a mermaid or a fairy without me saying anything about it first. I believe that was the Law of Attraction in effect. Otherwise, why would a stranger tell me I looked like a mermaid? I wasn’t decked out in seashells or anything. I think the energy I created and surrounded myself with over the years still clung to me. Those specific compliments were a bit painful and tempting for me to revert to my old ways, but then they eventually stopped happening. I’d still get the odd dream, though. My dreams finally inspired me to sign up on this site. Before I signed up on MerNetwork, mermaid dreams were plaguing me like crazy. I want to own a tail to bring my dreams into reality a bit, to feel a fraction of how I feel in my dreams.
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    I've always thought "unscientific" things were interesting. There are things that I can look at and say, oh yeah, aliens didn't build the pyramids, but others that are more difficult to explain.
    It's something I accept in some degree. After all, I'm a Latter-day Saint, and our religious beliefs begin with a fourteen year old seeing God and Christ as physical beings - a strange idea, even to many religious people.

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    I'm not a furry so I don't think I could accurately answer this question from that angle. What I know about furries is very limited. I don't know how much the otherkin and furry communities overlap, either.

    One thing that I think sets our community apart from the furry community (not in a negative way), is the functionality of our tails. Most of us have a tail that is swimmable/usable in water. Like a piece of sports equipment. I'm not aware of a fursuit that allows some kind of extended physical use, but maybe one exists? Maybe there's a fursuit out there that allows the wearer to run faster?

    I did notice that a great many fursonas are odd/unnatural colors and/or species combinations. I think that happens in the merfolk community too - unnatural colors, shapes and other combinations. There seems to be some overlap there! Like how there isn't a living highlighter-colored wolf out there, and likewise there's no real fish that has butterfly wings for fins, but both of those things exist in both communities.

    An interesting topic to think about!
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    Hello. I agree it is a interesting topic. Well I only know one furry person a friend of a friend I had met two or maybe three times so i'm in no way expert in furry community even more so because that guy was very discrete about that part of himself, seems like he had a fear of people laughing at him if he explained himself too much because he was a furry and a therian of the same animal (therian is he said to me a term for people like otherkin but of normal earth animals everybody agrees on their existence) so i guess they may be an overlap in communities of furries and merfolk but it seems to me like a distant one but maybe i'm wrong.

    Still i see some similarities like various degrees of identification with beings which aren't fully humans that goes from enjoying
    cosplay to people who in their view of the world thinks they are that beings be it because of neopaganism or old cultural beliefs, some tendency of both communities to attract people not in gender and sexuality norms and it seems judging by their productions that in both communities they are lot of creative people with a taste for imaginative stuff out of the ordinary for one reason or another of whom at least for the ones i personally hear express themselves in various web media quite a few tends to be big geek enjoying sci-fi and fantasy a lot, that and the thing you say about the taste for unnatural's kinda punkish and their is something a bit like a "counterculture" feeling that to me at least feel like it's in the atmosphere of the stuff both communities produces. That's was my 50cents on this question.

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    Ah, “therian”! I forgot that term. I had been using “werewolf” as a substitute. Therianthropy is very, very fascinating and very, very ancient. I think your post was spot on and the best post.

    I’m amazed and appreciative of everyone’s respectful wording in their posts. You all reply maturely. Despite this site’s community being full of relatively respectful, non-judgmental people from all over the world with a mishmash (and spectrum) of beliefs and non-beliefs, I wrote my post with a slight fear of being judged because I used to hang out with a bunch of Pagan mermaid girls on Kik in the past and got a small taste of Otherkin ideas. I’ve been called weird or unique all my life. I was a very cringey teenager. I’m still a weirdo, but I’m more grounded than I used to be.

    I understand your therian friend’s reservations about other’s reactions toward him in an insensitive, critical, or mocking way. If I were in his shoes, I would also keep my ideas to myself or be extremely low-key and vague if I mentioned anything. It’s about being afraid of what other people think and just trying to outwardly blend in with the crowd to evolutionarily survive.

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    Now, something I can bring to this question that's new, I went to the Deviantart forums and asked if I was a furry because I'm fascinated with merfolk and would want to be a merboy.

    A lot of people who identified themselves as furries told me that by their estimation, I was a furry.

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    Ah i don't know for the other members especially since i'm quite new here but as for me at least i think that not a thing to be that much ashamed about i mean teenagers having weird ideas and acting a bit crazy feel like teenagers being teenagers that not exactly breaking news. That being said most mature pagan/otherkin are not that fluffy bunny anymore. The way you phrase it just sound like you got older. That being said even if they still exist which i'm not so sure about because at least as i've heard that trend seemed to be dying out, young girls thinking they may grow a real mermaid fish tail with kitchen-made magic potion may not be very grounded in reality but as far as i heard most of the times their belief are more a way of dreaming like kids love to believe in Santa Claus and does not hurt anyone they may be ridiculous but hey having fun while looking stupid is kinda synonymous with adolescence in my book. At least that was the best way my own adolescence could be summed up. I can't guarantee I and others members will always try and manage to be respectful but i think most of us will do our best even with people who have the most marginal world views.

    Interesting, that a bit off-topic but Deviant Art never stop amazing me so many places for underground communities most even i probably never heard about and so many talented artists on that website. Well then ok so they thinks we can be called furries here then? Ok why not, maybe most of us just do not think about it because furries comes from fur and sea creatures don't have fur for most of them but the way you said it that make sense. I don't know if i would feel furry myself because i know next to nothing about furry community besides if we call ourselves part of it but if some merfolk want to be called furries and other furries agree to welcome them in their community i have no objection and i can't think of anyone who would have one.


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