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Thread: GUINEA PIGS NEEDED! A chance to own a ultra realistic extended tail for material cost

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    GUINEA PIGS NEEDED! A chance to own a ultra realistic extended tail for material cost

    GUINEA PIGS NEEDED! A Chance to own an ultra realistic extended full Silicone tail for just material costs.
    I've been working on this concept for a fairly long time, and am now ready to make it a reality. Without giving too much away, these will be ultra realistic, extended tails with a specially developed monofin to allow for a transparent, yet rigid and strong fluke. Using a similar concept as the tails made for the Australian tv show H2O, yet with a slightly more streamline shape. Each will have a blended waist, like in the image above, and are available with any colours/patterns under the sun!
    The second image is of previous tails I've made. The new flukes will be very similar in shape, only with much more detail and realism. The scales will be modeled to resemble real fish scales.
    The official designs and drawings will not be shared at this stage, for obvious reasons 😜

    In order to make this a reality, I need as least 3 'Guinea pig' pre-orders. Who will receive a tail for just the material costs, in return for honest, critical feedback.

    See the images and original post here:

    If this interests you at all or you want more details shoot me an email at
    Or visit

    I've already had a lot of interest on Instagram, so this will be first come first serve.

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    Wow! Those look really pretty!
    Wish I could afford them. Maybe one day!
    Keep it up!

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    I'm interested... but I just saw this post now.

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    Would love that chance to try a tail like yours.

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