Hey guys! Just wanted to post a quick little introduction in here.
I'm from germany and a long-time merfolk afficionado. I'm male, 28 (going to 29 in a few days) and in fact I was on these forums quite a while ago (I think), but never posted much. My dreams of getting into mermaiding were always postponed and pushed further away by stuff, but now that I'm really setting my mind to getting a tail and becoming the merman I always wanted to be, I thought it is high time to get back into the community to help me push myself with the rest of the way of really diving in .
I still have no real mersona/merfolk name, so I go by my usual handle here until I find something that really fits. When I'm not thinking about merfolk I like to roleplay, and write stuff (sometimes about mers ).
Normally I tend to be quite shy and self-conscious, but once I warm up to people I tend to become quite talktative

Hope to meet many nice people here!