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Thread: Check out the Short Film I was in

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    Check out the Short Film I was in

    So first off, this is password protected as it's still doing the film fest circuit, please don't post it to social media. It'll also be on CBC for those in canada. And TIFF
    The password is: welcome

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    Everything was truly beautiful, from each scene to the message!

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    The music was enchanting, and so was your costume. You looked like you had so much fun acting in this short film. And you were an actual actress!

    Being in front of the camera is fun! I've only been in one movie, and that was when I was an extra in a local Knoxville, TN film called Prison Break-In. I was 18. There was a brief faraway scene shot of me wearing a red dress and walking out of a bank (and good thing it was a distance because I had a honking zit on my forehead, covered by makeup). I'm not as impressive as you, lol.

    Please let us know how everyone liked your film once the film festival ends!
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    The score was done by a famous composer who has done loads of movies! I thought that was pretty cool

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    I like the film, and can't wait until my film package arrives. The team, and especially you, Raina, did a great job. To be honest, the background featurettes are even more fascinating, but I guess that's just me wanting to know how the stuff works.

    The amount of training and work to get the underwater shots is just mindblowing. Congratulations on that!

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    Who's tearing up over here? Not me. Definitely not me. <3
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    Raina your acting was so cute! The underwater scenes were better than a lot of the mermaid movie underwater scenes I've seen.
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