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Thread: Creating a 'sequin' tail out of collected plastics

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    Creating a 'sequin' tail out of collected plastics

    I have an art assignment for one of my classes and I'd like to share my plans, progress, and final product with you all through this thread.

    My project is for my 20th century art history class and is inspired by the theme of radical avant-garde artwork. My goal with this piece is to showcase just how much plastic we use when we create tails made of sequins. It's not meant to be a jab at anyone, but it's meant to be shocking (as is the theme of radical avant-garde art) and to make people think twice before creating or buying (unsecured/ non-reinforced) sequin tails. It has been a personal issue for me as I have personally cleaned up plastic scales and glitter pieces.

    I'll be cleaning, cutting up plastic bottles, and using large hole punchers to create my "scales". I'll be attaching them with fishing line to represent the waste the fishing industry leaves in the ocean in addition to how it has found it's way inside many fish living in polluted areas. I'll be making the fluke and extra fins from torn up plastic bags friends have acquired from shopping (since I've been using reusable bags for almost 3 years now and no longer have any). I don't intend to swim in this tail since it's meant to be an art piece and I'd like to avoid accidentally polluting the environment it's worn in, but it will have a simple monofin inside just to give the plastic bag fluke some structure.

    I'm also looking for suggestions of any artists or ocean clean up activists I can include in my research paper that goes along side my project. I'll list the ones I have so far but if anyone knows of someone I haven't listed or knows any mers who perform in sequin tails that'd be willing to give a statement on why they do it and what precautions they've taken to avoid polluting their environment with their tails, I'd greatly appreciate the help.

    Artists I've researched for this project:
    Pam Longobardi
    Sarah Bellum
    Dianna Cohen
    Sayaka Ganz
    Amber Countryman
    Vilde Rolfsen
    Willie Cole
    Kelly Jazvac
    Aurora Robson
    Sue Lipscombe

    I'll attach a picture of my plan later when I have time.
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    sounds very interesting! I look forward to seeing more.
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    Ooo! Sounds good! Maybe add in a few scales from canned drinks to give that extra sparkle. And some fishing lures added to your top, mer bra etc.
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    Love this idea, please post updates.

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    What a great idea this is! Have you also thought about using pieces found around your local waterway(s) as well? It will help to show what is found around you, and how much. Another thing you can do is look up local environmental groups near you, and ways you can volunteer with them to show "Hey, this is what's here and now in our waters and ecosystem, this is what we have caused. Because we caused this, we can also cause the change that's needed, this is a list of active organizations near us that is making the change that we can all make and we can volunteer with them." Maybe have that inside the tail or on the tail scattered in pieces as a way of making people have to actively search for it, as a symbol of "you have to act to make the difference that is needed to make the change, are you willing?"

    I love using art to make a statement, and this is such a huge one. I hope your assignment turns out great!

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    Such a cool idea!

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