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Thread: Silicone tail for sale!

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    Silicone tail for sale!

    -Price: $2300 + Shipping. (I bought it for $3350) Might be willing to cut another $100 or so off the price, would need to discuss.
    -Worn only 3 times, given a baking-soda bath after each swim
    -Measurements, In Inches and circumference:
    Waist: 30"
    Hips: 40"
    Thighs: (Upper): 36.5"
    Knees (approx 1.5" apart): 27"
    Calves (approx 1.5" apart): 26.5"
    Ankles (approx.1.5" apart): 16"
    Waist to Floor: 40.5"

    Open to payment plans but will not ship tail until paid-in-full.

    Photo's of tail in the link below!

    Please either send me a PM here or to my linked facebook if interested! (I am more active of Facebook so quicker to respond on there.)

    User formerly known as "LittleBlue222".

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    Still for sale! Willing to discuss and haggle price a small bit ^^
    User formerly known as "LittleBlue222".


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