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Thread: Mermaid themed cooking and recipes?

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    Mermaid themed cooking and recipes?

    I had a lot of success discussing of folklore inspired fairies themed recipes with a friend who planned to do a bar-coffee on that theme and that got me thinking about what kind of mer inspired recipes might exist. I don't know about old lore inspired ones but i had found some really interesting stuff on the web here are some links (of course they are not to be credit to me but to the people who made this recipes) about some that looks tasty at least to me :

    1-Mermaid Water Rum Punch Cocktail : (near but not exactly the same)

    2-I also found on mountain view a rather short but efficient recipe of Mermaid Vine, it's simple it consist in white wine with a once of blue carašao and two drops of pure vanilla extract.

    3-Here : a recipe for a "Mermaid Magic Juice" mostly made of kiwi lime and mint.

    Then for drinks i guess green ones like kiwi, cucumber and avocado smoothies would still be on theme plus adding spiruline could get a blue or green color to any more usual drinks that get them feel more ocean/mer like and otherworldy. And well whortleberry is naturally blue so could be fitting i guess. And of course mere Curašao fits with it's sea blue color.

    Then for food all i have fond was very "Disney mermaid" like not so much my personnal taste with a lot of sugar and chemical stuff in the food and made for attracting children i might like that occasionnally but just looking at most recipes saturated me i admit (i have nothing against people attracted by that it's just not my thing).

    Well i don't really know anything really lore related as mermaid food but as i guess that would probably includes lot of seaweed, lot of fish and other seafood for the non vegetarian mermaids (even if with the ecological aspect of mer communities it should be fishes and seafood that are not overexploited i guess, probably things that can grow locally near to the sea for fruits and legumes and all kinds of green-blue-violet foods composing the meals like well that depends and both culture and personnal taste i guess but i would like some stuff with mint, green olives (tapenade), pistachio, white grapes, pickles, salmon, sardines, especially shrimps, seafood mussels, blackcurrent, violets (comestible flowers), tuna, maybe some mer version of fish and chips and well for some vegetables maybe beets, leeks and eggplants and for dessert i would love to have a way to have a traditional ice cream that could have a mermaid like feels. Hum...i don't really know any mer recipes that have any of that so maybe i should invent it but i am a bit lost on how to, any idea?

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    I love love love seaweed salad! I've never made it before, I've only had it from the local seafood market. Here is a recipe online I found that might be worth trying:
    You can eat seaweed salad just by itself, or eat it with rice. I've even put it on sandwiches.

    I also love calamari (fried squid).

    This article has a recipe for a mermaid bowl once you scroll past most of the photos haha:

    Apparently there was/is a food trend to make 'Mermaid Toast':
    Seems like a lot of effort for toast, but I guess if you were looking to make unique food for a party it would be good.

    There is a coffee shop here that sells a drink called the "Shark Attack" which is basically a slushy of blue lemonade, whipped creme on top, a candy shark, and a bit of raspberry juice for a 'blood' effect. It looks like there are tons of variations of this drink online. You could always call it "Siren Attack" instead to give it more of a mermaid feeling.
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    Thanks, Alea! I saved the seaweed salad and sushi/mermaid bowl recipe. I always like trying new, funky things!

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    When I eat plain rice, I always add in shredded nori (sushi seaweed). And on the rare occasion that i eat japanese instant noodles, I also add in the same seaweed. I buy it in big quantities cos its more value for money that the little snack packets.
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    Wow thanks you all, all this recipes sounds so yummy i wanna try some soon! Yes i am also a sushi fan and with modern sushi japanese have been very inventive their tons of interesting non traditional/fantasy sushi to test i should have thing about it more, maybe we should have a sushi fan club just kinding.

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    I'm really into cocktail making and I like different alcohol mixes. I'm watching video tutorials and trying to make some while I'm at home. Interesting thing, taste really depends on alcohol. I tried krol potato vodka and managed to make a decent bloody mary which I actually didn't like when I tasted it for the first time.


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