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    Hi! I recently went to look for a mermaid tail and found one that I liked on Fin Fun, I was overjoyed until I realized my sizes were all over the chart with my waist being small hips medium and waist to floor being x-large, I decided a custom sized tail would have to suffice but then read the details to see that if you bought the custom sized one you'd get to choose from the mermaidens category. I was wondering if you can get limited edition tails with the custom sized one as I had wanted the Moon Dive tail in the first place. If not is there any possibility I could tighten the waist somehow?

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    If you have a sewing machine with a stretch stitch, you can sew new seams, making it smaller. In finding where to place the seams, I have found you want about 20% stretch with spandex. So for a 24 inch measurement, you want the skin to have a 20 inch measurement. With the tail laying flat, there will be 10 inches between the seams.
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    Or lay the tail on the floor, inside out, the scales facing each other. Lie on the tail and have someone make a tracing of you on the tail. Then zigzag stitch on the lines.
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    Those are both good ideas, thank you! I'll try

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