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Thread: Stormwrecked LARP

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    Stormwrecked LARP

    Hey everyone... anyone else going to attend Stormwrecked?

    It is a Live-Action Role-Playing weekend event set during the golden age of piracy, where three vessels are shipwrecked in a storm (and thanks to a kraken) on a mysterious and cursed island, inhabited by monsters and a powerful entity (witch? goddess? spirit?) known as Calypso. But that's not all... the curse slowly changes people on the island into animals, plants, and even the terrain itself. Two of the teams, the Navy and the Pirates, are newcomers to the island, but there is a third team of Cursed Pirates who have been shipwrecked for far longer and are considerably further along in their progressive curses (including thus far owls, dragons, octopi, flying fish, poisonous plants, etc, several of whom are rather merfolk-like in their mid-transformed shapes).

    The event will be held on the weekend of Halloween 2020 (October 30th-November 1st) at the Sanderling Resort just north of Duck, North Carolina, which, as part of the Outer Banks is in an area that was legendary for pirates. Hotel stay needs to be paid separately from the ticket for the event.

    I've got the role of Navigator for the crew of the Siren's Jewel (the cursed pirates team) but there are a few more openings remaining if people are interested.

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    This sounds so fun! I'm from Atlanta, which isn't too terribly far, and hopefully I could make a trip there!

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    Looks interesting! I emailed them and when this whole plague dies down I'll book a room

    what do you find on a mini beach?


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    Just got my character backstory as Volans De Luca, navigator of the Siren's Jewel trying to keep his shipwrecked crew of strong-willed individuals from each other's throats while being drawn to the sea by family mystery, need to get away from the others for a breather, and the effects of his gradual transformation into a fish-like humanoid! I am psyched!

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    The Stormwrecked LARP I'm attending Halloween weekend shared the post below about a new free "scholarship" ticket a generous donor set up, with a stipulation that it goes to a femme/female-identifying individual to encourage Femme in LARP. As I got to attend through a similar scholarship ticket, and I am really excited about it, I thought I should share. The LARP is about three ships during the age of sail who are shipwrecked on an enchanted island: a naval/colonial ship, a pirate ship, and a older pirate ship whose crew has been on the island and is undergoing the long-term curse that turns everyone on the island into animals, plants and parts of the island itself. It will be held in the Outer Banks Halloween weekend. Hope some of you can attend (though I signed up for the event before social distancing was on the horizon, and I quite understand people are leery of going to events this year).


    Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are doing well!

    We have exciting news! We had a generous donor create a 'scholarship' ticket for a new player! The one stipulation is that it goes to supporting Femme in Larp as a way to help female identifying individuals build confidence through larp!

    This scholarship ticket will be free to the randomly selected applicant, but please keep in mind that rooming at the resort is not included.

    At this time, the venue is not rescheduling fall events. We are monitoring the situation. Any payments made to a Stormwrecked ticket between April 1 and September 1 will be fully refundable to players, should they decide not to attend for any reason.

    Thanks everyone, and take care!

    (Neither Flamma Mysteries nor Flamma Mysteries staff were involved in the creation of this scholarship beyond facilitating the application process. This scholarship is offered through an outside party, and as such, follows the stipulations as requested by said party.)

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    Sounds like an amazing concept but how did it go with current events? I hope something like this would be able to continue in future years.

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