Anyone a fan of Monster High, or to a lesser extent, Monsters University?

There's a LARP in early December called Creature College that sort of blends the two, focusing on the rushing of various monster students to several gender-open fraternities with cute names (SEA, Psi Phi, DED, PAK, BIG, BOO, OMG). SEA is supposed to be a newer fraternity, attracting various sea and water creatures including loch ness monsters, mermaid ghosts, river monsters, gorgons, capricorn, swamp monsters, pirate ghosts, banshees, etc.

In addition, the school cast includes weirder options like oozes and wolpertingers and perytons and mothmen and wood nymphs and dullahans and feathered serpents and fire elementals along with more traditional ones like vampires, zombies, werecats, werewolves, ghosts, jekyll & hyde, mummies, witches and boogeymen.

It will be held December 4-6, 2020 at the Best Western Plus in King of Prussia, PA, which is super close to me. I thought I'd share the word of the event (in hopes that things will be a bit better for big meetings by December) and let anyone else who might be interested in events like joining the cheerleading squad or the casketball team or studying on how to scare people or romantic plots or rivalries and the like.