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Thread: Fabric Tail

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    Fabric Tail

    Making my first fabric tail. I want to be able to take the monfin in and out when i want to though. Ehat would be the best way to go sbout this?

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    3 ways. Choose the easiest to do.

    1.Button snaps on the edges of the fluke. This way, you can unbutton the fluke to remove monofin. Also works with velcro.
    2. Hole in the bottom of fluke. See Fin Fun tail for reference.
    3. Sew in a zipper on the side seam.
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    I'd recommend sewing a zipper in the side seam. That way you can remove the monofin easily. The finfolk fabric tails have zippers in the side seam, on the fluke to allow for easy removal of a monofin.
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    Mermaid Kat tails as well. Zipper in the same color as the tail and almost not visible.

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    I know Courtney Mermaid leaves the center of the bottom seam open for monofin removal and to allow water to flow through the tail without creating drag. I'm currently making my first tail, and I'm leaving the center of the end seam open and may add snaps or velcro if it gaps underwater. I don't want water ballooning the end of the tail or creating drag flowing through fabric.


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