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Thread: New Mermaid

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    New Mermaid

    Shello fellow Mermaids and Mermen!

    I'm a brand new mermaid joining the North Pacific Pod

    I live about 4 hours from Seattle and 2 1/2 from Spokane (I'm really close to tri-cities if I have any fellow mers out this direction!!)

    Just wanted to drop in and say shello

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    Senior Member North Pacific Pod inanna's Avatar
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    Feb 2018
    aberdeen, washington
    hey there! the tri-cities is actually my hometown! i'm on the coast now but i make trips back home on occasion.
    grays harbor mermaid
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    - Janet Fitch

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    Hello hello, glad to see you found your pod! Welcome to the Network <3
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    Junior Member Pod of the Great Lakes
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    Aug 2019
    I live in Flint, Michigan
    hello from the flint river merfolk

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    Jul 2019
    Los Angeles California
    Welcome aboard socal myself

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