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Thread: Where to get weighted belts?

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    Where to get weighted belts?

    Hey Guys! For those who are very floaty, where can I get some good weighted belts to swim in? I can't stay underwater at all, and it is such a struggle to try and stay near the bottom.

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    Dive shop

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    i've seen coated and uncoated diving weights in my local decathlon... dive shops should have them as well... or if it should be fancy, some etsy shops (please don't ask me wich one) make star and shell shaped weights^^
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    You can also buy them off of Amazon. If you type in just "Weight Belts" you will get a lot of weightlifting belts, but if you type in "freediving weight belts" you will get the swimming kind.

    You also might have to buy the belt and the weights separately.

    Before swimming in deep water, please test out how many weights you need in a pool or in shallow water first. Also, make sure you can take your weight belt off quickly in case of emergency.
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