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Thread: Barbie Mermaid Fantasy dolls (2002) - did anyone have them?!

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    Barbie Mermaid Fantasy dolls (2002) - did anyone have them?!

    They had the most beautiful realist squishy tails that must have been made out of some sort of silicone - I was so obsessed!

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    I remember I had the one with the pink hair, and I called it 'Aquamarine' after the movie.
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    I didn't have one myself, but they look very nice!

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    On the same note, does anyone else just NOT like the new ones? They are just hard plastic :c

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    I was growing out of Barbie when these ones came out, I think. My younger sister had them. My Barbie mermaids were from a few years earlier. I had the light up mermaid barbie that came with a clam-shell case and a baby mermaid, and the purple Jewel Hair mermaid Barbie. (I think it was actually Teresa.)

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    I have a collection, my hobby is collecting vintage Barbie dolls. I bought one of them on the wordle eBay online auction site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariahcarey View Post
    I have a collection, my hobby is collecting vintage Barbie dolls. I bought one of them on eBay online auction site.
    Oh God, really? I was trying to find vintage Marbie Marmaid dolls but no success!
    The only thing I found was a set of four Barbie Marmaid Fantasy Fairytopia dolls ($250 + $20 shipping) from 2002. Any tips, auction sites, etc. where to buy vintage dolls? This is what I'm looking for

    This one is from early 2000.
    This mermaid is being sold by the 1212 angel number user on eBay


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