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Thread: Need Ideas!

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    Lightbulb Need Ideas!

    My beautiful silicone mermaid tail that I saved up for to promote ocean conservation is shedding glitter!
    Glitter is a well known killer of ocean life, it poisons wildlife and causes many fish and sea animals to starve to death from the nutrient deprived micro-plastics that looks very similar to small plant matter.
    I cannot wear my tail and promote ocean conservation while polluting the ocean...

    Does anyone know a way to seal the glitter in so that it doesn't shed from the paint? ???
    Thank you in advance for your help! <3 <3 <3

    ps. This means a lot to me, its been my dream to be a mermaid since I was a guppy, and I had to save $7,000 up working as a cart pusher/ fast food worker to purchase my tail. Every detail from the fins to the scales was custom designed, and it looks like it came straight out of one of my dreams... so I do not want to replace it unless I absolutely have to.

    Thank you again fellow mermaids! Take care!

    Mermaid Jaloria

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    The usual method is to clear coat the entire thing with a new layer of clear silicone.
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    Who made the tail? I've not heard of this issue with a silicone tail before, so it might be good to reach out and ask if they are aware of the issue (and can recommend a fix).

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    You should definitely reach out to the artist. I have incorporated glitter into my silicone and hybrid tails and they do not shed! For 7 grand, that should definitely not happen.

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