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Thread: Individual Scale Tail 2!

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    Individual Scale Tail 2!

    Hi guyssss itís been forever since Iíve been active on this forum and Iím excited to announce Iím starting another tail! My silicone has already been ordered, along with all my other supplies and I picked a blue, purple, teal color scheme

    And I have my fluke drawn out on some cardboard to start sculpting hopefully tonight, just gotta set up my workshop first!

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    Okay decided on a fluke shape!


    And tested one of my pigments

    Iím gonna sculpt bigger and wider scales, taking inspiration from Dancing Fish, her tail is gorgeous!

    Next! Fiberglass!

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    I like your photos showing the steps, they're helpful and I feel like I'm watching a tutorial video that has the audience feel apart of the process! When you finish sculpting your fluke, do you cast the silicone in the clay, or do you create a mold for the silicone from the clay?
    Also, what are you adhering the individual scales to for the body? I'm wondering about powermesh, neoprin, etc.

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    Hi RoseBurgFlyer!

    So I sculpted my fluke in clay and then I cast a mold of it in fiberglass!

    Then when the fiberglass cures Iím going to peel out the clay and pour the silicone into it!

    As for the individual scales, I made my base, like a fabric tail out of power mesh, I donít yet have pictured of that. And once I make my scales in the same method I made my fluke, Iím going to individually glue them down with silicone and once their all done Iím going to put a silicone top coat on to keep them on and shiny. Will post pics as I go, Hope this helps!

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    So update! Everything that could go wrong with this tail has gone wrong. So Iím pretty much starting over. I have new scales casted in fiberglass that Iím hoping will produce pours that I like and Iím restarting my fluke for the third time. Yay. So! Iím preserving and will continue to update and post pics!

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    Update again! I decided that itís probably not the best idea to try for a third time to make a fluke because I really donít have the best place to work in and Iíve had issues with the fiberglass curling up at the edges. So thatís not good. So I pulled out my old fluke mold and Iím gonna use that, the silicone is in, I can pull it in a few hours, weíll see how it goes.

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    Update! Fluke is pulled and scales are accumulating! Just gotta paint the fluke and keep making scales. I need to make my powermesh base but Iím still waiting on my monofin.

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    I look forward to lurking. I just found your other tail in the wild on Tumblr and was like 'did I just recognize a person from a pictures of some scales and part of a fluke? yes...' XD
    I'm probably going to end up making a tail and was considering the individual scale rout after you put me onto it.


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