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Thread: Mahina Monofin anxiety: should i get it or no?

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    Mahina Monofin anxiety: should i get it or no?

    I've seen the Mahina Monofin a numeres amount of times around the internet. i saved up enough, but as i was checking out, I got sudden anxiety. I was kinda like:
    "What if it's a waste of money? what if you find out you don't like mermaiding, and it becomes usless?"
    Just general anxiety that i would get it, then regret it. So, I'm asking for advice. is this sort of anxiety normal, and should i just go for it? (I would like to get it, i'm just kinda worried about a bunch of diffrent little things.)

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    It's an excellent monofin to use, although the one I used was a little big for me. It has a good amount of propulsion, but it can hurt your feet if you don't wear neoprene socks. Wearing socks will stop you getting blisters, and the mahina is hard on unprotected feet. Aside from that, it's a good buy.
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    If you're nervous, don't do it. That simple.

    Back in the day (2014 for me), when getting the Mahina from Australia was our only option and there was fewer mermaidy monofins on the market, then the Mahina was a good choice. Nowadays, I wouldn't bother getting one. No tails fit it aside from old Swim Tails, Aquarius (spelling may be wrong) and Magictails. The Mahina swims well and is durable and the shape is great. But it will HURT YOUR FEET SO MUCH! Even wearing thick Seavenger neoprene socks, I would get blisters and bruises. You have so many other options, I would look into something else like the Linden or Luna. I stopped using mine and ended up selling it. I'd research your other options before buying.

    I really have nothing against the Mahina but so many of us (including my local friends) have had terribly sore and bruised feet from the Mahina.

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    If you try it out and decide you don't like it, the Mahina is so popular you could easily resell it. Obviously not for as much as you pay up front but it wouldn't be that big of a waste at least.

    That being said, I personally prefer the Finis Rapid and wave witht he adjustable foot straps. They arn't mermaid shaped but I love them.
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    Of its your first momofin I'd recomend going for the Linden. I did my mermaid lessons in that and it fits into finfun tail skins. It's an amazing fin, comfortable, there's neoprene booties with it and has good propulsion

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