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Thread: CKDraws Mermaid Introduction

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    CKDraws Mermaid Introduction

    I don't have a mername yet. Any suggestions are welcome. I received my tail from Fin Fun on Thursday, May 14. I swam in it for the first time yesterday, the 15th. I swam in it again today. It was amazing!

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    Yay!! Welcome to the site and the MerComm <3. Which yahoo food you get? Did you take any pictures?

    As far as a name, the best thing ive found is to waot a bit and think about what kind of mersona you want to be and where you might be from. Then look at other merfolk and their names and for up with something you like.

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    Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome. What is yahoo food? I did take pictures, but I will not be sharing them on the internet.

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    Omfg thats my autocorrect from my swipe keyboard xD. I meant which fabric tail did you get

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    I got the Asian Magenta tail from Fin Fun, plus the monofin from them as well.


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