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Thread: Pools reopening amid virus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    IN the Canadian Atlantic provinces we keep having little to no cases. Where I live we had no cases for a month. All cases have been related to very controlled travel, that forces folks to quarantine when they arrive. There's been no community spread as a result. We also have mandatory masks and social distancing that is mostly being enforced.

    The beaches opened up with distancing enforced. The pools did as well but only lane swims with 1 person per lane. So we weren't able to work all summer with these restrictions. But it's OK we all liked having a break.
    That's so lucky! Some people over here still insist on going to public events like protests and other large gatherings where social distancing is not observed.
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    Yes. Lucky they are. Here only very few far right protests take place but we have some sadly and they didn't even cancel Tour de France because money while perfectly knowing it is a risk of expanding the pandemic second wave. I would like to live somewhere people are respectful and care for the others so much.

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    Where I live in Kansas indoor aquatic centers have lap pools open for exercise but the recreational pool is closed. Last summer all the pools were closed, and I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things change this year.

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    I'm in Ireland and right now everything is closed.

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    I'm in New Mexico, the aquatics center around the corner from me is open by reservation. You can just have a lane for an hour. Sucks because sometimes you get a crappy lane.

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    The pool near me (Simi rec center) never closed.They just added rules: Reservations, lane only, and "no deck changing", which may mean no putting on a tail, although I have not checked that out. (They did allow tails during lane swimming before). Ive stayed away simply because I REALLY do not want covid.
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    In Missouri, the aqua center in my town has been open by reservation only. But you have to be a paid member/live in town to go there anyway, or be a guest of someone who is. Same basic rules as anywhere else these days, though they seem to be pretty lenient once you've paid.

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