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    Help me decide!

    [COLOR=#e4e6eb]Hey fish friends, I need some help with a decision.So originally I wanted to get this tail done in neoprene. I hoped the neoprene texture would feel more rigged and more reminiscent of the shark it's designed after. However my maker has done some research and learned that there are no US companies with neoprene in stock and many of the Chinese ones have halted production as well or don't have the right kind. Also she believes that after painting, it won't be the rough texture I had in mind.

    So I have two options. Wait who knows how long, probably months for the neoprene to become available again and prolong my dream tail for all that time, only for it to probably not be 100% what I had in mind. OR go with a Scuba knit or PBT knit fabric that can be done within a few weeks and abandon the idea entirely of the rough texture. - Tail Design
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