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Thread: Need Help with Silicone!

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    Need Help with Silicone!

    Hi! I am currently making my first neoprene/silicone mermaid tail. the fluke will be made mixing GE Silicone 1 and oil paint. I am having problems blending the different colors silicone in the fluke to give the fluke a good gradient.

    I have watched YouTube videos about thinning down the silicone with mineral spirits, but I wanted to see if anyone had any tips before I do that!

    Thank you in advance!!

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    I would recommend you buy powdered pigments, and using the naptha mineral spirits you thin it down and then add the color to the mix, make sure that the pigments are totally mixed throughout the blend, then u can use a brush to apply it. I suggest doing thin layers and many layers will give you the color gradient your looking for.
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    Neoprene and silicone? I don't have any advice at all about making, but would certainly like to see how that works out. Seems like it would be pretty lightweight in the water...maybe even give you a bit of buoyancy.

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