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Thread: Fantasea Monofin 3 Storage

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    Fantasea Monofin 3 Storage

    Hello Merfolk!

    My Fantasea Fin 3 came in the mail today, and I am SO excited for pools to reopen. In the mean time, it looks like I'll just be tucking the tail away until I can fully test it out. Some questions for Mertailor customers:

    • How do you store your fantasea fin?
    • Is it safe to store (dry) inside the tailskin?
    • Do you truly store it flat?

    I live in a small apartment, and space is a hot commodity. I have ideas to build a vertical storage for it out of wood, where the weight is placed on the beefy part of silicone near the foot pockets, with the fluke tails free to drape over and upper crossbeam. This way I can rely on dry storage in the back of my closet without taking too much space. Has anyone done something similar before?

    Apologies if this question is already posted elsewhere - I've had no luck finding it.

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    You'll get more answers on the official mertailor pod FB group

    Get a big, flat underbed storage tub. Line with a towel or sheet, add fin, slide under bed.

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