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Thread: What are some good mer-sources?

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    What are some good mer-sources?

    As I am very new to mermaiding I'm on the hunt for more information and would love to hear about where I should turn my attention. Of course the mernetwork is a great database but there are just so many things that I am curious about! Please let me know if you have any ideas where I should look. Thanks to all of you merfolk!

    p.s. I was very surprised that after looking for a while for mermaiding information I could not find much, is that common?

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    Well, I know like you said that Mernetwork has a lot. Fin fun has some guides on tail swimming. Other than that I don't know.
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    I would say yes, that is common. It's sort of a mysterious hobby. Part of it may be that we don't want info plastered all over the internet to ruin the illusion for kids, another part might be that there really isn't that much information to learn. A lot of mermaiding is physical experience and practice in the water.

    That being said, I watched A LOT of youtube videos when I first started. Mermaid Courtney, Nerdmaid Faith and OF COURSE Raina Mermaid are always my top recommendations. They have amazing videos that discuss everything from begin a professional mer to tail and fin reviews, to accessory hauls and more.

    But rather then looking for information on mermaiding, my suggestion is to narrow your search to a specific thing and dive into that. For example 'I want to learn how to hold my breath better' so you start looking into Apnea training. or 'I want to make my own tail' so you start researching better sewing techniques or how to work with silicone.

    While I wouldn't say Mermaiding is a new trend, it is one that isn't openly discussed. A lot of tailmaking is still a trade secret and a lot of being a professional is just grueling patience and luck. There just isn't a lot that can be taught.
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    Honestly Mernetwork is almost a decade old, and had a forum under a different name before that. Search for a question and you'll probably find it here.

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    Ive found the best way to find info on Mernetwork is to use Google. Type in mernetwork and your search terms.
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