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Thread: Sling tails for Mahina monofins (Opinions)

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    Sling tails for Mahina monofins (Opinions)

    Hello! I am new to the MerNetwork, and I really regret not joining earlier!

    I hope every one is safe at home, aaaand while on quaratine I had an Idea, and I want you guys to tell me if you'd be interested in something like this.
    Many people, myself included, can't afford silicone tails and therefore we look into fabric tails. There is nothing bad about a fabric tail (they are environmentally friendly too!) but sometimes I wish fabric tails had a more serious and grounded tone to their designs, or maybe be a bit more realistic. Another issue I faced upon my mermaiding jurney was that there are no fabric tails for the Mahina monofin, and if there are, are usually rather expensive and there are very few people that sell/make such tails.
    I have seen that many people find sling tails as a great and economic alternative to this issue, and since I am a designer myslef, I thought I could make sling tails for Mahina monofins.

    So the questions are:

    1)Would you be interested in sling fabric tails and not full tails that cover the monofin?
    2)Would you fancy a more realistic approach to fabric tails?

    Thank you and have a lovely weekend! <3

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    I think it is always a great idea to have a wider range of tails for merfolk, especially those just starting out! I would assume there arn't a lot of fabric tail designs for the Mahina because it is so large and not typically considered a beginner monofin. That being said, many folk do still end up with it as a first so having more options designed around it is always a plus. I say go for it! It doesn't hurt to cast the net and make the designs.
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    Someone has made slings for the Mahina before, Aquamermaid maybe? Whoever it was, is out of business. I have made a sling for mine before (back when I had it) -

    It's hard to say if there is a market for slings. They exist but I don't see them very often, like at local meets. I've been interested in getting one from Mertailor for my Fantasea, and have yet to do so. There's definitely better options than the Mahina out there, but it's also still pretty popular.

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    It was the place called Aquatails I beleive! Unfortunately they went out of business a while ago. I had one for my Luna but used it more with my Mahina. I ended up giving it to a friend but missed having a sling tail so I modified one recently!

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    I've seen someone modify a finfun tail skin into a doing for the mahina and it looked great. Can't remember where I seen it but worth looking into

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