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Thread: Central Michigan Mermaids?

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    Central Michigan Mermaids?

    Hey! I am a new mermaid on this sight and I am from Michigan! I live In the greater Lansing Area and am looking for a pod/more mer friends!!
    With my new tail, I am looking to take road trips to Lake Michigan, specifically the Grand Haven area to swim and hang out with other merfolk friends!!

    Let me know if you are in the area or would like to connect!!

    - Linsey

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    I live nowhere near you, but still....hello. I joined a couple of days ago. Hope you can find some local friends.

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    Hello! I am a new mermaid to both this site and mermaid-ing (actually still waiting on my tail to arrive). I'm from Grand Rapids and have a friend in Kalamazoo who is a mermaid as well. Your post is from awhile ago but if you are still looking for merfriends (kinda) in the area let me know!

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