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Thread: Removing Linden from Guppy

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    Removing Linden from Guppy

    All right. So I got this Mertailor Guppy tail. Came shipped with the Linden already in the tail. But Mertailor tails have a super snug fit. I don't think I can remove it and fear stretching or tearing the tail. Can anyone assist in the best way to remove the fin? Now my Fantasea had a learning curve as well, but at least that is floppy so I can manipulate it...the Linden is stiff. Technically I could just leave it in there but I want to test it in my Fin Fun tails.

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    Best advice I could give without having it in my hands would be to get it wet then try to remove it. The fabric should stretch a bit more but not tear or stay stretched out.
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    I have a Linden and it feels stiff, but its actually really flexible and hard to break! Mermaid Linden herself has even said that you can bend it to help get it out of tails

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