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Thread: Selling tails on Etsy, super bad idea?

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    Selling tails on Etsy, super bad idea?

    Hello! So I知 just a girl with a sewing machine and an idea. I want to make simple, basic, no flairs, fabric mermaid tails. I致e made plenty for myself, and a few for friends and family. My idea is to hunt down really nice fabric, or design it myself, use finis monofins and sell on Etsy. I read a thread yesterday that made it seem like that was a horrible idea so I was thinking maybe starting with commissions? Just need some ideas and opinions!

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    If you have made some for yourself with no issues, I would suggest to sell some to people local to test. There might be issues others may find that you aren't seeing. If they are local, they can come back to you to show you what's wrong and you could fix it right there. Pretty much, start local. Do that for a little while to perfect your skill before moving online.

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    No issues at all! You have nothing to loose but a few cents per listing, especially if you make them all custom to -order. Go for it!
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    My other thought was just to make a mermaid tail tutorial and post it! That way I could help other Mers make their tails. I知 still debating, maybe I値l do both. I have a friend who wants a tail that I might make so that値l help me confirm my measurement math theory.

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    I would suggest both. That way you could help those who have your crafting skill, and those who don't.

    At work (I'm an IT technician) I've made "how to" guides for my customers and simplified install instructions to provide to coworkers for hardware and software that came with overly complicated instructions. I would always get a small number of people to follow my written instuctions to see if it is effective without my further assistance before broadcasting them to the masses. Take that into account before making a "how to" on tails.

    I've also written scripts. I would test it on multiple model computers with different software varieties to make sure none had errors. If one did, I would adjust my script accordingly. For making and selling tails, you should make them for some friends and maybe a few others locally so you can get multiple viewpoints of anything you possibly need to adjust before you sell online.

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    I just posted my tutorial in a new thread!

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    I believe it's a good idea. If you have a strong willing and much time to do what you can do well-it is really cool thing. If you have a good sewing machine and materials you may even try to sell your works, I think it's a good opportunity to help others who need it.


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