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Thread: Extended mermaid tail for traveling?

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    Extended mermaid tail for traveling?

    I am going on a vacation next month and I want to make an extended mermaid tail like the h2o ones, that is easy to carry and it doesn't have much weight. I want it to be light because I have to walk 20 minutes from the hotel. Any ideas?

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    I can't imagine there's any options for lightweight extended tails, let alone ones you'd be able to make in less than a month. Honestly I'd just stick with a fabric tail for traveling.

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    Agreed on the fabric tail. If you are flying, you might want to consider putting it into checked luggage. I'm sure a monofin won't easily fit into any overhead compartment.

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    I actually have a cloth tail with an extended monofin, and it fits in a piece of luggage that fits in an overhead bin. I also have a silicone skin for the same monofin. Unfortunately, the company that makes the monofin has stopped production. Their web site is still up so maybe they think they can come back. We will see.
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