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Thread: Do you need mermaid music?

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    My favorite mermaid music lately is Mo Coulson and Chris Conway's album Spirits of the Mermaids. It just has that mermaid vibe. Might be interesting to study why it has that
    Ooh just found this on Youtube! Nice!

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    Interesting. I've tried to study the cause of the mermaid vibe of this album. Even if im not a pro of musical critic here my two cents : first obviously the mermaids are the main theme of the album, the illustration is getting you in the ambiance pretty fast with the beautiful mermaid listening to a seashell and then Mo Coulson and Chris Conway gives you a album which starts with sea sounds and cristalline feminine voice in a relaxing kinda hypnotic way, reminiscent of the mermaid myths and of course it's a music album that tell a story, this one according to their website here : : "The story of the mermaid Melusina told on this album is inspired by tales of Melusine, a mermaid who appears in much mermaid mythology, and draws upon the theme of impossible love between the people of the land and those of the sea." And the celtic music fits with the fantasy creature. Besides the protagonist they are others mermaids and a kelpie in the main story characters and of course the whole album as clearly been made in the idea of a mix between therapeutic anti anxiety music and music that's celebrate the beauty of the ocean that mermaids in our century often symbolize in cultural productions. Well that's my guess. Indeed it's soothing, thanks for the discovery.

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    Good luck in composing such music, I think Mermaids are most reminiscent of songs from H2O, Secrets of Mako Island and the cartoon about Ariel ...

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    this thread is so interesting

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    It will be interested


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