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Thread: Has anyone ever made a tail with a round fluke?

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    Has anyone ever made a tail with a round fluke?

    I think of makeing a silicone tail that resembles a certain fish species. And they have a round fluke. I have never seen such a fluke. Is there anyone here with experience about that? Are there any reason why fins are mostly shaped with those two ends? Probably they are to difficult to swim with or to slow?
    Thanks for any help^^

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    round flukes, for some reason, are not popular aesthetics-wise, but there is no reason not to have one.
    You can put a Finis Rapid or other fin with that shape inside, very convenient.

    I have a tail with a round fluke, it's not any slower than a V-shaped fin.

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    I agree with Echidna. You don't see them too often, but there is no reason to not. I know Raven's clown fish tail has a rounded fluke, and do several others. I also think I recall the beta tails from Swimtails(?) were round too weren't they?

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    I would say it is uncommon. I do have a normal monofin and you can describe that more as a D shape. Almost straight at the end and round edges in front. There are some special cases where a round monofin in a tail would make perfect sense. For example if you have a betta fish as template.

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    I have a Swimtails beta tail. It uses the Mahina and keeps it's round shape by having vinyl in it. I use it as my photo shoot tail, because while it is beautiful, it is rather slow and harder to swim in than a usual mermaid tail.

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    Round? Like perfect circle? Oval? Sorry, I can't wrap my head around that one. What species of fish is it?

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    Some kinds of koi have them. A oval to round shape and I think that it goes well with the template of a koi an in general. But I was unsure if it is hard to swim with and therefor not used.
    Thanks to all of you!

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    I think round was actually in fashion two years ago before Swimtails ***t the bed, everyone was going nuts for those betta flukes. I know a few silicone tailmakers offer it too, like Amatheia and Merbella.


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