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    Merman Vest

    I'm planning to make a new silicone tail, and I'm making a vest to go with it. I want it to be scaley and look natural like I was born with it on, like the tops in H2o. I was also thinking about putting pectoral fins on it's sides, and maybe gill slits. What do you guys think?

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    Sounds really interesting and unique dahling! That sounds so different from how mermen are usually shirtless, and it's good to be different!

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    i can't wait to see it. do u have any concept drawings? and i like the whole idea of u saying u want it to seem as if u were born with it on with the scales,gills, and fins! i've always thought of a merman with a netted vest wit seaweed and sea stars and shells!
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    I don't have a design, but here is what I want the tail to sort of look like

    I guess you'll have to use your imagination on the vest though.
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    maybe u could draw up a couple of ideas and narrow it down to the final design!
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    I always imagine mermen as more dangerous than mermaids. I always think of them with like spiney fins on their wrists like lionfish or on their back down their spine. I always imagined that they were poisoness just like lionfish so predators would stay away. You could probablymake cool wrist cuffs like that or maybe a vest with that on the back.
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    I'm having difficulty picturing it. If its done, are their pictures? Otherwise, do you have any sketches, or could you describe it?

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    I've been majorly delayed on actually making it, but it'll pretty much be just a vest cut out of neoprene, covered in silicone with a fishnet scale pattern, and painted to match the tail.

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    It's a secret shh...

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    plz show results when finished

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