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Thread: Plastic sheeting for making monofins?

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    Plastic sheeting for making monofins?

    Does anyone know any specific places to buy plastic sheeting for cheap?
    I've come across PETG sheets and Polycarbonate but the PETG is the only sheeting
    I can find in a relatively good size for a fluke. The polycarbonate comes in much too
    narrow cuts.
    I know that I should avoid acrylic sheeting since it tends to shatter when it breaks.


    1- Where's a good place to buy relatively cheap and nicely sized plastic sheets?
    2- What types of plastics are more favorable vs others? (which are more flexible,
    lightweight, durable, etc.)
    3- What's a good thickness? (.080", .060",.25", etc.)

    I've been using PETG sheets and .040 is just so wavy. If you want a nice flowy monofin
    that bas relatively little thrusting power, that's what I used. It looked nice in the water
    but it's just not strong enough.
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    Have you considered making a fiberglass fin? That is what the competitor is made of.
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    I searched around the internet, and eventually talked to my dad about how to get the plastic sheeting. His company had worked with a plastic warehouse that he remembered the name of (somewhere in VA, I think.) so we contacted them, looked on their website, then visited and explained what I was aiming to do. The warehouse man was far more helpful than anyone I had talked to on the phone previously. (You see, I'm making this uhm...swim fin? And I need a plastic sheet that bends...but doesn't snap, and uhm... you know how bendy scuba fins are? Phone guy: ...) I brought my finis wave with me to the arehouse and asked for plastic that was not quite as bendy as it but also wouldn't snap. I left with a wonderfully gigantic sheet of UHMW! (Which actually wan't the plastic I thought I'd be getting, but it had the same qualities at a better price)

    So I guess my answers are:
    1- google it, talk to people you know.
    2- There's nylon, there's UHMW (ultra-high molecular density, don't ya know!) there's polycarbonate and probably lots of other things that haven't yet been used.

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    @ Spindrift - Bleh I want to make it transparent so I'd like to avoid fiberglass for now :S
    Also since I don't really know how to make one out of fiberglass either xD
    I assume you just layer it on some sort of base?
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    You could also consider Marvec as a viable alternative to other PVC sheets.


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