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Thread: Hi I'm new!

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    Hi I'm new!

    Hello MerNetwork! I am so excited to finally have found something like this I am based in the Pacific North West specifically Washington. I have a twin sister and both of us have always loved mermaids, but we never thought that there was something amazing like this where we can join a group of other people that share the same love! I do have to give credit to Courtney Mermaid (VancouverMermaid on Insta) she pointed me to this and I am so happy I joined. I do not have a tail or monofin but that is subject to change soon -hopefully- just don't know which one yet I do have a knee injury that makes swimming with fins or without fins difficult, so I am very unsure about what to get but with so many people here I thought that why not I could get some advice. I don't know what else to say with it but hello!

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    Good afternoon and welcome. There's a lot of nice people here and a lot of forum threads of interesting reading. I hope you can get yourself a tail soon.

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    Hello and welcome! Awesome that you have a twin and they are interested too! Maybe you can both splurge on tails you both like and then share them :P That way you get two tails for the price (ish) of one.

    As far as the injury, I feel your pain. I don't have a specific injury but my joints are weak and I have many problems with all that. Luckily, water is very forgiving, in fact there are a lot of physical therapies done in pools for that very reason. So maybe look into that with a doctor, or look for videos online and see if there is anything that can help. But please be safe and don't injure yourself further.

    Welcome to the MerFam <3
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    Thanks for that and the welcomes! I will look into that and see what I can find, it's been a while since the initial injury but it's always good to work on strengthening it more and swimming does that I just don't do enough of it. I think now I will have an excuse

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    hello from a fellow washingtonian

    i'm originally from eastern washington (columbia basin) but now i reside on the coast about an hour and a half southwest of olympia.
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    Welcome to the mernetwork
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    Welcome aboard

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