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Thread: Best Leggings for See-Through Tails?

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    Best Leggings for See-Through Tails?

    So I have the mertailor fantasea skin for maroon fly. The mertailor skin is incredibly see-through at the top since that part is white, and I was thinking of buying new or using old black leggings to solve this issue. Is this a good idea? does anyone have any recommendations?

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    I guess it depends on both the look you're going for, and whether it'd impair your swimming abilities. People have been known to wear leggings beneath tails if a tail was a touch too roomy, or if it slipped down during swimming, so it shouldn't really be an issue. But I suppose you'd just have to buy some and find out. Also, what look are you going for? Since that part of the tail is white, are you wanting it to appear fully white and less "see-through" as you say? In that case, I would recommend white leggings. Black ones might give it a darker cast beneath the silicone. Alternatively, you could also get a pair of leggings that match your skin tone if you want it to appear somewhat translucent, but are just worried about what can be seen if the see-through section hits at an awkward area
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    it depends on the top actually, if you have like different colour of tops, match it with your legging. find colour that will match the top. it is better.

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    It might be worth looking at some workout shorts instead of leggings in white if itís only the top thatís see-through. That way they wouldnít interfere with the fit of the tail further down?


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