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Thread: New Rocky Mountain Mer Here~!

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    New Rocky Mountain Mer Here~!

    Hello~! My name is Jennifer and I have been quietly following the mermaid community for years since I was in middle school (I'm in my 20s now!), and I finally decided to dip my fins in the community. I am from Colorado and would love to hopefully make some friends in the state, but I am happy to talk with anyone! I am currently waiting for my first FinFun to begin my mer journey and if things pick up then I hope to get a tail from Mertailor as I ADOREEEE their tails.

    If anyone from CO knows of any nice swim spots please lemme know!!

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    Good evening. Being in NE, I don't know anything about CO. Regardless, welcome aboard and I hope you can get yourself your own tail soon.

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    Hi! Welcome to Mernetwork! I'm a rocky mountain mer myself from Utah! : )

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    Hello hello and welcome officially and finally to the community <3
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    Welcome to the mernetwork. I do know there is a mermaid pod in the Denver area. Plus the aquarium there have the mystic mermaids swimming in the tanks there too. I'm not sure if they are taking a break or not during the whole COVID-19 pandemic though.
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    Im from co too, i need more mermaid friends to swim with .
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    You should join the Colorado Mermaid Pod on Facebook too! If you're on the Western side we have our own pod sort of based in Grand Junction in addition to the one that is more Denver focused.

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    Thank you �� do you guys have an Instagram ?


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