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Thread: So excited to be here!

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    Talking So excited to be here!

    Hey! I'm cerulean.mermaidd (Mermaid Tiffany) and I've been lurking on here for a while so I decided to finally make a page haha. I've always loved mermaids growing up, The Little Mermaid and H2O were fersure big inspirations for me 🧜🏼*♀️ 🧜🏼*♀️ I followed a bunch of mermaid pages on Instagram for the last few years and finally got my own tail for Christmas last year! **fun fact: I actually had a broken ankle at the time so I couldn't use it for a few months 😂** Finally got to start swimming in it about a month ago and I loved how it felt so easy and natural, I guess playing mermaids as a kid actually ended up helping me! I currently have a FinFolk Productions Shipwreck Siren fabric tail with a Mermaid Linden monofin, and an Aussie Green Finfun tail(mostly use this for friends that wanna swim with me &#128588 and I'm loving the mermaid life so far! I'm based in San Diego, California and would love to connect with some other So Cal mermaids!

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork

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    Hello and welcome. I honestly did not like mermaid movies growing up, but a few years ago, I started seeing pictures and something clicked to make me want to try it. I started with a fabric tail, and recently upgraded to silicone.

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    Thats awesome! Welcome to the forum and happy to hear you are already enjoying tailswimming <3
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    Welcome to the non-lurking club!


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