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Thread: Amounts of products for a silicone tail

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    Amounts of products for a silicone tail

    Hello, Iīm a novice making tails, in fact is my first attempt .
    Iīm from Europe (sorry for my poor English) and here we have many problems to get all the needed products for making tails (at least in my country) thatīs why ask you for help, I need to know with more accuracy the cuantity of the products Iīll need because the shipping costs are sooo expensive.
    I know that depending on the tail you want you are going to spend more or less silicone, but how much silicone will I need for a simple tail (with a rather big fluke) for a short and thin woman? Aproximately of course, but everything helps because I have got no idea of the amounts.
    Also could you tell me anything about the cuantity of the clay I will need for the previous model of the scales and the fluke?
    Thank you in advance!!


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    I don't think there is a definitive answer for how much you need because of so many body types and unique tail styles. If shipping costs are a problem where you are, then I would say you should order small amounts of silicone at a time. Maybe start with small amounts of silicone, start making your tail, then when you run out, you could estimate how much more you will need based on how much of your new custom tail you have completed. That way, you can avoid the risk of paying extra shipping to order more supplies than what you actually need.

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    Two gallons is minimum for a full silicone tail. I’ve made 4.

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    this seems more expensive because you'll basically be paying 2x for the shipping rather then just once?

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