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Thread: Hello from Texas!

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    Hello from Texas!

    New member (and new mermaid!) from Texas and so excited to be diving into to the world of mermaiding! I've always wanted to be a mermaid and very excited to finally be one. I'm dragging several of my friends into it as well and I've already found a pod here near me and done a swim with them. Saving up for a nicer used tail and monofin than the one I have and getting into mercrafts by making my own shell bra and crown! Hit me up with a shello!

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    Hello and welcome. Yes, this is a fun hobby and I'm glad to see you are already enjoying it.

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    Shello Seavixie, I love your name!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nwwoodsymermaid View Post
    Shello Seavixie, I love your name!
    thank you! Shello to you!

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    Shello and welcome!

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    Ah, a fellow texan! Hello!!


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