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Thread: ISO Any Fantasea Monofin and/or Whimsy Tail Skin

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    ISO Any Fantasea Monofin and/or Whimsy Tail Skin

    I've got my heart set on owning a Mertailor whimsy tail and don't have a Fantasea monofin so I'm looking to buy them separate or together. (I'll start practicing with the monofin alone or shove another monofin in the skin if I have to till I can get the proper one!) I'm not picky about which series of monofin, I want to eventually get them all because I hate myself like that. For the tail, I think I'm probably a large or a medium? I'm not sure how much stretch they have since I've never tried one on, only the monofin.

    EDIT: I got a fantasea one monofin! So I'm looking for a whimsy original skin now Thanks!
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    I'm bumping this post because I too have an original Fantasea Fin and would love a whimsy skin for it. If anybody's selling, let us know!!


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