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Thread: Odycea Studios Tail making company by Lexie Mermaid & Mermaid Celine

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    Odycea Studios Tail making company by Lexie Mermaid & Mermaid Celine

    Hello everyone!!!

    We would like to use this forum to introduce ourselves and our brand new tailmaking company!

    First of all, who are we?
    Well, we are two mermaid performers who have been around a while in the mermaiding world.

    Lexie mermaid, a fulltime professional mermaid from France since 2016.

    She graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2012 and also as a Fashion Designer back in 2015.
    Lexie is a creative mermaid. She spends her time creating and handmaking : from high performance silicone tails since 2015 to accessories such as seashell crowns, mermaid dresses, drawings etc...

    Mermaid Celine, a fulltime professional mermaid from Belgium, since 2004

    She graduated in the Performing Arts in Brussels, 2014 to pursue her acting dreams. She has done several Musicals like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, and appeared in several tv shows and movies.
    Celine also creates her beautiful high performance sequins tails and tops herelf.

    We met in 2017, during a Mermaid meetup in Paris. We quickly became very close, are both big Disney and cat lovers, share the same ideas, philosophy and love for our mermaid jobs, Mersoulmates. We started talking about launching a tail making company in that year already and now, years later, those dreams became reality.

    We are very happy and proud to finally start up our business and will specialise in making hybrid tails, so the body is made out of neoprene with sequins sewn on and the fins are made out of high quality dragon skin silicone. We will have other products like accessories (crowns, bracers for both men and women, etc), mermaid/men dry looks, custom tops and more. All of that will be available on our website soon.

    Even though we are a small company, we have big plans and in case you’re not following us yet, WE HAVE JUST OPENED OUR FIRST 3 TAIL SLOTS! Yes, we have 3 slots available for people who are looking into getting the hybrid tail of their dreams!

    Check out our website for more information, click the link here:

    What’s special about our tails?
    1) Unique design
    2) The option to choose where you want your zipper; either on your back (hidden in between the dorsal fin) OR on the front of the tail, hidden behind your pectoral fins (if you choose to have them of course)
    3) Something we are very proud of: you will be able to TAKE YOUR MONOFIN OUT OF THE SILICONE FLUKE POCKET if you choose so. YES! Since we are a company that will focus on selling bigger flukes (because we love them!) we kept in mind that tails aren’t easy to travel with. So, if you want you can choose the option of being able to take your fin out of the fluke pocket. This also enables you to choose the monofin you want in your tail (we do however recommend getting the bigger monofins like Finis or Leaderfins because our flukes are BIG).

    You can also choose how many fins you want on your tails of course AND we have two types of sequins scales you can choose from.

    Our Signature sequin style (which can be seen on the tail Lexie is wearing in the video) and the regular Shell shaped sequins.

    Our hybrid tails start at €5000, shipping not included and we do offer payment plans. For more info check our “Mermaid Tails” page on our website (link above).

    We are very excited to help people getting the tail of their dreams. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at and make sure to follow our social media (Facebook & Insta).
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