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Thread: Raider commercial

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    Raider commercial

    Twix used to be Raider and had a mermaid commercial.

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    This is great. I saw the other commercials you posted. Are there any more mermaid commercials you know of?

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    The commercials I posted (Kodak, Raider and Peugeot) are the ones I actually saw on tv a long time ago. I still remember the items or brands that were promoted, so I didn't google them. There are a few other commercials I know of with mermaids, but I can't remember the brands. There was an Italian one about beer with a gorgeous exotic mermaid. I'm still looking for it. I'll post it as soon as I find it.
    Update: guess what, I've found her!
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    There is a Doritos one where two guys go fishing. One catches a mermaid and the other catches a merman.
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