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Thread: hello fellow people of the sea!!

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    Cool hello fellow people of the sea!!

    i am so excited to join you all on this exciting new adventure through the waves to the deep blue! I am looking for tail recommendations --> i need to upgrade from my current sheet and duct tape tail i have DIYed at home 5 years ago! best tails for guppies (i.e. my kids) as they are keen to join the mer-world as well! the main issue i have is i cannot swim without floatation devices - is this allowed or am i am FRAUD? ((


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    Duct tape and a sheet? I'm actually quite amazed. Did that work?

    I started with the2tails as my first swimmable tail. They make sizes for adults and kids. From what I hear, there are better brands out there, but it is what I started with and it was okay for me. I did eventually invest in a silicone tail which I've used a few times, but keep the fabric tail for some scenarios where I want to swim, but can't get the heavy silicone tail out there.

    And using floats does not make you a fraud. There are many here who started with floats. I occasionally use one myself for days when I prefer to have a more relaxing swim instead of a workout.

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