Is it weird to wonder or want to see any behind the scenes videos or photos of any commercials, tv shows, or movies ? It’s great to see the mermaid in the movie, but what about the process? How did things come into play? How did the person playing the mermaid get into the tail? What was it like playing a mermaid? What was the creative process? What is beyond the movie, tv, or commercial ? Does anyone have any behind the scenes footage from anything? Does anyone know how to get anything? I really enjoyed movies like Mermaids (2003) and The Thirteenth Year. The mermaids in commercials are great as well, but they’re gone right after, never to be seen again. TV shows are okay at showing footage l, but I feel like it’s just them and no one else. I really liked how vodafone used the same mermaid in their ads. Too bad they stopped. Maybe this is my rant for the day.