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Thread: Middle Tennessee Mers?

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    Middle Tennessee Mers?

    Hi! I'm Megan. I live outside of Nashville and was hoping to make some mer friends to possibly meet and swim with? I'm kind of new to mermaiding(got my first finfun tail this year) and really hoping to make some connections and hopefully friends (:

    Little about me
    I'm 25
    I have 2 finfun tails and hope to add to my collection (when I'm not broke lol)
    I love hiking, skating, kayaking and of course swimming
    I grew up in Florida but have lived in Tennesee for 12 years
    And I'm a bit of a nerd(Anime, fantasy..ect)^-^

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    Perhaps we could meet up at Lexington Swimming Pool on Natchez Trace Dr? Itís halfway between Memphis and Nashville, about a 2 hour drive. I would still need to call and ask if they allow mermaids there, and Iíll also have to ask my mom since Iíll only be 16 if we meet up this summer


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