Recently a user was concerned that their information had been leaked. I researched this, and it appears that in early 2017 a bot got through on Mernetwork via V-Bulletin along with other forums, despite the owner of Mernetwork having paid for enhanced security of the page (out of their own pocket, Mernetwork does not make ANY money and the owner pays so the community can use it). V-Bulletin had issued a press alert at the time and emails, encouraging folks to change their password. This was previously already brought to the community attention in 2017. Users were advised to change their password, however it appeared only the email addresses were leaked. This is not an attack Mernetwork could have prevented or controlled. It's the fault of V-Bulletin and users WERE notified. V-bulletin had updated their code to try and prevent this, but there was apparently issues with the ap not updating.

Unfortunately this is not something we could have done much about back then other than informing folks.

As always, it's good to regularly change your password and not give it out.

If anyone has concerns about their account, feel free to PM me on my end and I can see if there's anything funny going on. While the user had every right to be upset, it was announced and explained back then with emails gone out and steps for securing the account. Breaches are a reality of the internet I'm afraid. I'll pass this on to the owner of Mernetwork.